A Spin on a Song and a Twist on a Brew

Brew Your Own Magazine
Issue: September 2016

Author: Chef Mark Molinaro

A Beer Named Sous

The cooking term “sous vide” means “under vacuum.” It is a method that involves preparing ingredients with techniques that can include cutting, browning, and seasoning prior to placing the food item in a specialized plastic bag that is then sealed under vacuum. The bags are then submerged in a water bath equipped with a scientific-grade immersion circulator that precisely heats the water to within 0.5 °F (0.2 °C) and continuously moves the water around to prevent hot spots. Placing foods in vacuum-sealed bags causes no loss or exchange of ingredients throughout the cooking process. This advantage plus the ability of cooking in a precisely maintained water bath allow for much more controlled cooking processes (gelatinization of starches and coagulation of protein)...

In order to introduce this technique driven process to my Northern Arizona University students where I am a chef instructor, I took a CREA sous vide course. Our students’ eyes light up when we cook and taste food using this technique in class. They can not believe how much more flavorful, tender, and aromatic the food is.

Enter our school’s nerdy homebrewing club. I challenged our students in the club to think about making a beer using this technique and it took about .0327 seconds for the smiles to spread around their faces...

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