Lisa Bliss


Lisa Bliss

Dr. Lisa Bliss joined the School of Hotel & Management in 2017 as a Lecturer. Dr. Bliss has an undergraduate degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Administration and a Juris Doctorate degree. Her background is in restaurant management and event planning, and more recently as an attorney practicing in the areas of business and employment law, and a law school professor. As a Lecturer in the School of Hotel & Restaurant Management, Dr. Bliss will teach a variety of courses, including Restaurant Operations and Management, Human Resources, and Event Planning, 

In addition to her professional work, Professor Bliss served as a Judge Pro Tempore for the Superior Court of Maricopa County (2010-2012), was an active member of the F.U.M.C. Weekday School Board of Directors before relocating to Flagstaff, and was the Co-Chair of the 25th Annual Willo Historic Home Tour and Street Fair in Phoenix, Arizona. In her spare time, Professor Bliss enjoys hiking, running, sports, travel, and spending time with husband Jason, children Asher and Chloe, and on special occasions, with her son H Mills who is currently serving in the U.S. Army.


Building 32, office # 102

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