As updates roll in from HRM Alum, we'll post them here.

Christoph Heyn, Class of 2008

Christoph Heyn's father sends this update:
"Christoph was a student at NAU. In spring 2008 he received his bachelor degree in International Hospitality.

He was member of a group of German students from the International University Bad Honnef (Bonn), who all enjoyed their studies in Flagstaff very much.

Christoph is working as corporate manager, e-commerce marketing at The Ritz-Carlton Corporate Office in Chevy Chase (Maryland) and lives in Washington, DC.

He represented his German University at the 12th edition of the Worldwide Hospitality Awards held in Paris on Monday November 21, 2011. The jury announced that he was selected as one of the top 3 finalists in the category "Best Professional Success Awards."

He was invited on stage at the ceremony held at the salon Opera at the Intercontinental Paris le Grand.

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Best wishes,

Hans J. Heyn"

Liliane Palm, Class of 2011

I am a permanent resident in the U.S. now but was born and raised in Switzerland. (My parents are of Chinese heritage, born and raised in Cambodia and moved to Switzerland as part of a refugee integration program in the late 70's after the Khmer Rouge Regime). China is a special place for me: my roots, where I met my husband and a destination of culinary adventures. 

I will be starting my Management-in-Training Program at the Four Seasons in Scottsdale starting September. Very excited about this new chapter in my life.

Sent August 7, 2011