About HRM

For more than 100 years, Northern Arizona University has served as the state's premier residential university. NAU faculty, students, and alumni have been an integral part of Arizona’s economic and intellectual vitality. NAU-The W. A. Franke College of Business' School of Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) is recognized internationally as a leading provider of student-focused hospitality education.

We have accomplished this by creating an environment that prepares students to make immediate and ongoing contributions in the hospitality industry. We maintain an innovative curriculum responsive to changes in the industry, along with strong ties to our industry partners through which students gain access to internships and other experiential learning opportunities, faculty remain actively engaged in the hospitality industry, and employers recruit our graduates. The high level of faculty-student interaction and team based classroom experiences result in well trained hospitality professionals, with classroom learning augmented by a strong internship program and the requirement that students complete 1,200 hours of professional training in a hospitality business prior to graduation.


To provide outstanding and accessible learning experiences that prepare our diverse student body for:

  • Successful hospitality service management careers.
  • Responsible citizenship and productive leadership.
  • Life-long learning and personal fulfillment.

To anticipate and respond to the educational and training needs of the Arizona Hospitality Industry.

To increase educational resources for program support and grants.

To improve the quality of life for all associated with the school.

To improve the quality of life for all associated with the school


  • We will be recognized as a premier hospitality services management school by our stakeholders.
  • We will prepare students for leadership responsibilities in the hospitality services industry by providing meaningful academic programs and practical industry experiences.
  • We will be a leading provider of high quality, affordable, and convenient distance learning that “brings programs to the students.”
  • We will serve an extended family of alumni, industry leaders, and community partners with dynamic relationships to provide innovative research and training programs that achieve a high quality, sought after, and more financially independent program.

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